In 1940 Trimite was founded in West London by the Brent family. The company has since built its reputation on manufacturing high performance and technologically superior coatings to supply a broad range of industries.

Trimite has grown through a series of product developments and strategic acquisitions.
In 2008 the group acquired Midlands paint manufacturer Carrs Coatings. Previously known as Carrs Paints, the Birmingham founded company started in 1892 and forged a long history of supplying coatings to the automotive market.
In the same year Trimite extended its metal pre-treatments arm with the purchase of another historic Birmingham firm Asbury, Brodie & Company Limited. Acquisitions of water based technologies from Coventry’s Astleys, founded in 1730, further boosted the product portfolio.
In a significant move, Trimite bought majority shares of Weilburger UK, the British subsidiary of Germany’s global coatings firm Weilburger. Trimite now distribute Weilburger products alongside its own ranges throughout the UK market.

Today, Trimite designs and manufactures specialist coatings with partners across a range of sectors including defence, aerospace, automotive, railway and heavy industrial. Many of the product ranges offer pre-treatments through to finishes for a variety of substrates.
In development, each coating innovation presents its own set of technological demands. Over the years these have included high temperature resistance up to 1000 degrees on sports car calipers, chemically resistant coatings for military vehicles and air drying capabilities for simplified processes in manufacturing.

Through our industry partnerships our paint has appeared across the world, from ATMs to earth moving equipment, from the formula one track through to luxury passenger air craft. One of the core strengths of the company is to offer bespoke products for clients.
Trimite has a proud pedigree of British manufacturing with a global outlook.

Trimite continues to push the boundaries of coatings innovation.

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