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About Us

What is Stretford Group

Stretford Group is an investment firm founded by serial entrepreneur, David Roberts. Stretford seeks to generate attractive long-term returns within the manufacturing sector and as such has built up an impressive portfolio. Since inception, we have rigorously sought out businesses that require turnaround and have successfully lead them to grow and become industry leaders. Our objective is to push the boundaries of manufacturing excellence, through investing in promising companies, clever technology and market leading practices. We believe our greatest asset, in addition to our loyal investor base, is our people.

We get hands on with every business that we invest in, taking personal responsibility for its success and growth. Our combined experience throughout the manufacturing sector is at the heart of our management consultancy services, where we add value through process, knowledge and leadership.

What do we stand for?

Strive to deliver compounding returns by investing significantly in advanced manufacturing companies that produce quality products, hold high standards and have uncompromised ethics.

We are disciplined investors and management consultants, making intelligent long term investment strategies. We have a deep passion for evaluating companies in need of turn around and finding superior business models. We work quickly, intelligently and professionally and use our combined experience to drive business success.

Entrepreneurial spirit, forward thinking and drive to succeed is essential. Our approach of getting our hands dirty results in investments that deliver consistent but significant growth through our strong and experienced leadership.

Our long-term mentality leads to success over time. We firmly believe a successful investment should be long-term oriented and requires patience. We look for fantastic people, high quality products and technology lead businesses that we can add value to.

Learning from the past and adapting to different market conditions is paramount. We strive to take lessons learned into account when taking on new ventures.

Who We Work With

We work with some of the biggest companies in the world, here are just some examples:

Executive Chairman – David Roberts

An industrialist with over 30 years experience in manufacturing, particularly within the automotive and aerospace sectors. He is highly trained in Lean Manufacturing and has vast experience in all business functions across international markets. David’s career includes executive level positions with automotive companies such as Chrysler and Aston Martin. He is Executive Chairman ofEvtec Automotive, Evera Recruitment, David Brown Automotive, Tevva Motors, The Little Car Company, Warwick Acoustics, Auto Innovation Group Rimstock Holdings Ltd, Auto Innovation Group and Stretford Group.